Drone Garden
Contemplative non-interactive sculptural installation, 2014

Drone Garden addresses the issue of naturality in a networked and through that means virtualized environment. As a series of interconnected hybrid “plants”, the installation creates a utopian garden through wires, circuit boards, cables and other circuitry - a garden in which all of their inhabitants, the plants (drones), are constantly fighting for resources (network bandwidth). This fight, happening on packet level on the network sockets and in the memory of the “plants”, is fueled by an instinctive codified behavior which is visualized on the screen. The installation raises the question if it is ethical to interfere with such a confined microcosm, which, even though carefully designed and therefore artificial, nevertheless behaves and fights for its existence.

Creative Applications Network
Fast Company Co.Design
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Athens Digital Arts Festival 2015
art+bits Festival Katowice 2015